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In this page, you can see some of Aspir Mecc’s vaccum systems

Centralized vacuum system for a carpenter’ shop’s laboratory. It is complete of a centrifugal electronic fan, an external filter with some collecting sacks and filtering sleeves, of a mechanical cleaning, of a filtered air’s ejection chemney according to the Law Decree n. 203/ 88, an internal connection for machine tools through a properly designed galvanized sheet. Intake management is made by a switchboard with automatic inverter and a pressure differential indicator with energetic saving.

Air process’ sector

Centralised vacuum system of welding smokes with activated carbons’ filter in low pressure area. It has also a centrifugal extractor fan with high efficiency and controlled noise, a sequence of galvanized sheets’ connections that link torques and sucking arms

Plant for dry varnishing booths with activated carbons

Other works made by Aspir Mecc